Love your music! Great voice and talent!! Like the acoustic / folk / indie vibe you've got goin' on. Absolutely love the entire If I Could song. Your voice and play reminds me of the late Eva Cassidy. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you live in Hingham sometime. Grew up in Quincy!

10.19.12Brent Rine

I really like your song "If I could" very moving esp. considering the backstory, how can I get it? THanks.

09.28.12Dawna Sirard


Who do we contact for booking inquiries?

Dawna Sirard


Just a quick observation and question about your song "If i could"....did you change or tweek the melody in that tune somehow? I ask because a few years ago i logged on to the Maura Murray site and heard your song for the first time. I fell in love with it immediately. I got on Maura'a site again just recently and could swear that the song has changed melodically in some way. Just curious.....

06.14.12Don Croad

Hi Jenni,
How have you been? The three songs sound good. Have you finished your CD? I am looking forward to hearing the final result of your project.
I hope all is well with you.

04.09.12Daniel Saa

Hi Jenni, I listened to your music and I like it a lot. I am working on a friend's music at the moment but when I am done with that I would love to help you record your songs. We can talk about it anytime. Would be nice to do a full album.

Take care
781 4201805

02.15.12Clint Harting

Hey Jenni!

I understand you knew Maura Murray in some capacity.

I am a professional journalist who is out (like others) trying to figure out the mystery of what happened to Maura.

If you could help me out in any way I would appreciate it.

How well did you know Maura?

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work, you have a beautiful voice.



Dear Jenni,

Could i see the lyrics to "If i could" and where can i purchase the song?



hi,im writing because i seen the show on your friend maura missing,i am deeply saddend by the story.i was wondering has she been found?i pray to god she has been,and i will keep you all in my prayers.you wrote a beutiful song for her,may god bless you all,and may god bless maura and her family as well.

03.12.11Scott Wahl

I saw the ID show on Maura about 5 months ago. I went online to see if there was any update on her case and I was surprised to see that there had not been much development. In the process of digging around I met Helena who has been awesome. The more I looked into the case the more unanswered questions I had. I eventually planned an ice climbing trip to NH and as part of that we took a few days and retraced Maura’s last known steps on the 7th year anniversary of her accident. We learned an amazing amount of information that I hope can helps with Maura’s story. While we where up there I shot High Definition Video of Maura’s drive. I met with Helena and Norma on the way home in Boston for lunch. I gave them copies of all of the photography, videos and case notes. She has asked me to post the videos on YouTube so she can put a link to her Facebook page. I love your song that you wrote about her and would like to know if I could use it as the music for the video of Maura’s drive. I know this might be a lot to ask so if you don’t want to, it’s totally ok.
Scott Wahl

03.07.11Rick Silva

Hey Jenni,
Great stuff. I go to Holly Tree so I know your Mom and everyone there. I am in a Zeppelin tribute band and we are currently looking for a new singer. Robin thought I should contact you to see if it might be something that you would be interested in or if maybe you knew someone that would be interested.


09.24.10Rich Caron

Hi Jenni, it's Rich Caron, the bass player you met at the Lizard Lounge this past Monday. I got a copy of the tunes you played on Monday, and I think they sound FANTASTIC! Great songs and excellent recording quality! I left you a couple voice messages, but have not heard back from you yet. It's totally fine if you've been busy, or you don't want to jam anymore, that's cool too, but if you could drop me a quick line just to let me know you're ok when you get a chance, I'd appreciate it. I'm happy just to hear you perform your excellent music. Thanks!


Hello Jenni,
I just heard your music for the first time today and absolutely love your voice. Are you still playing? With who? Where? CD's?
I assure you, I am not a crazy, just very interested in more about your career and where I can hear you play!


hey jenni! first of all i would like you to know that you have one of the most beautiful voices i've ever heard! i first heard you during the TLC special about Maura and i really felt in love with " If I Could" so if there is any way that i could download it please let me know! you can contact me through my email! thanks keep it up , i wish you all the best!! ur an amazing singer/songwriter!!

03.27.10Steven Faer

Hello Ms Brooks,

I saw the link to your web site on the Maura Murray site. I am a retired Chief of Police and now a licensed Private Investigator and I am interested in Maura's case. I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know who I am and that I was interested in reviewing the open source information available on the internet. I also plan on talking to some of the PIs that I see were previously involved. If at any time you would like to chat with me, please feel free to email or call. My office number is (603) 766-4953, my cell is (603) 490-7064. Thank you.

Steve Faer
GS Security & Investigations, LLC

03.14.10Michelle M. Smith

I am wondering if it's possible to purchase a cd with your song for Maura on it. I love the song. It holds true for anyone who has lost anyone!


wow , what an unbelievably moving , melodic , thoughtful , and beautifully written song in " if i could " . i first heard it on the maura missing site and was just speechless . it brought tears to my eyes . i love that about music , it can bring out emotions so fast , like nothing else can . i'd love to hear more or see u live . let me know if ya have cd available , and if you're ever in the los angeles area i'd love to catch a show .

02.12.10Becky Roese

Just viewed the DISAPPEARED show regarding MAURA MURRAY ! HOW TRAGEDY! Have y'all heard any more news since that awlful day in Feb '04 ?? LOV the sond (If I Could) that U wrote in her honor! Fabulous keep it up. My prayers are with you & all her family & friends. please keep me informed ...

02.09.10Jerry Tesoro

Hello Jenni, I recently came in contact with some family members of Maura Murray & it has impacted me so much. It is so very sad. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes listening to your song. How would I get a copie ? I am so very sorry for your pain , I cant even imagine. Your voice & song are incredable !!!

11.01.09Michelle Carter

Jenni, thank you so much for the cd. I love For Maura and I'm listening to all the others now. Very nice of you and got a sweet note from your mom too! I'll be keeping tabs on you and know you're gonna be the next big thing girl! Michelle


Jenni, do you have an album out. I'd like to get the song you wrote/sing for Maura Murray...your friend. TY, Michelle

03.03.09patrick hashimoto

Hello! Thank you for your awesome music! My friends and I just listened to your cd that you sent to us here in Miami. We saw you at Churchills and really enjoyed your music! When and where do you play, and do you have any plans to come back to Miami?

Patrick, Lyle and Lila :)

01.28.09Diane Lederman

Hi Jenni,
I'm a reporter with the Springfield Republican and cover UMass. I am writing a story about the 5th anniversary of Maura's disappearance and would like to talk to you.
Please phone me or write back if that's something you are able to do.
Diane Lederman, 413-584-2900.
Thank you.


I heard from Sam this moring. Thank you so much for sending your song \\\"if I could\\\". Your music is very touching - if you come to Seattle I will make sure to catch the show. I am really surprised you haven\\\'t had that song produced - it is beautiful, touching and you can feel the honest emotion. My brother inlaw was killed working for Haliburton and that song reminds me of him. i am certain others could relate as well. Have a happy new year and may 2009 all your dreams come true.
take care,


heyy Jenni, how are you doing!! we miss you soooo much!! if we don't see you we wish you a very merry christmas and another sucessful year!!!! <3 :) love you!!!! and keep doing what you do best!


Sam from the MM site is going to contact you. I really want to buy a download of the song \\\"if I could\\\' . I am really surprised this has not been released. The song is timeless - beautiful - thoughtfull. Keep up the great work you are an amazing artist. My thoughts and prayers are with Maura\\\'s friends and family. This was on CNN last week of November - it has really captured my heart. Take care - You are truly a gift. Dawn


Are you the same Jenni Brooks - who wrote - If I could for Maura Murray?

12.12.08Austin Hayward

Hello, just a note to say how extraordinarily addictive one of your songs is. I found it on www.mauramurraymissing.com, what a sad yet intriguing story. Awesome song, I'd love to get a copy. Cheers and good luck.

07.23.08Lynne Brooks

Jenni the new songs are just what you are all about...amazing....amazing...keep writing and singing girl..
you are one of the best...

07.07.08cousin shannon

hey jenni i love your new song!!!!! ur doing great we love you and miss you terrible!!! sing your heart out and keep doing wat u do best love you always!!!!
love always your FAVORITE cousin of all time,

05.20.08Judi Mullin

Just wishing you a great tour! knock em dead!
Enjoy it all......
Aunt Judi

04.01.08Lynne Brooks

Jenni, I am blown away with your new song...you are like Paul McCarthy definately making your own mark. You keep getting better and better. Your talent is incredible... I love the new song.. if you hear it twice you are hooked...
Miami will love you.............................................................


Hey Jenni! I miss you a ton! I am just finding out that you are going to Florida! Good luck girl! I love you!


Hey jenny its dan Looks like things are working out great for you wish I could have talked to you longer at katies wedding, Great job doing what youve said you would do since you were about 10 lol Anyway this is my email hope dina's doing well tell her i said hi and ill see you guys when you come back East ttyl DAN


Jenni, Good luck in Miami....Be happy....
Love Mom

03.20.08cousin Shannon

hey Jenni,
i'm so proud of you, we all are!! keep doing wahat your doing. Sing your heart out and keep those GREAT songs coming.WE miss you SOO much.
love Shannon

03.18.08Julie and Shaun

Wow, Jenni, rock on!!! We love it, great site! Keep writing these great songs! Good luck!! Hope to chat with you soon!!! Miss ya back on the East coast!
Love, Julie and Shaun

03.17.08Lynne Brooks

Keep writing and singing your beautiful songs. You are so special and I am so proud of you...God Bless

03.17.08Judi Mullin

Hi Jenni, Great Website, great music, and great talent!
We are all proud of you here back on the East Coast.
Good luck with the move and hope you enjoy your new digs. Keep in touch and keep on writing and singing
that great music!
Judi and John


Jenni Brooks
you are one talented, dangerous & loveable creature. what a great site...

03.16.08Mary Hatch

Hey Jenni
Great Site!!!! I have always loved your music. You have such great talent - great job!!!
Wish you all the best success and hope more people hear your wonderful music.
Did i hear your moving??? Awesome, alot closer which we like up here.
All my love
A Mary

03.16.08Robin Lirosi

This is me Auntie Terry's sister Robin~~~Jenni Brooks WOW an adult???? How crazy is that??? I went to Irish Night with your mum last night and she sent me your link. I did listen a couple of weeks ago and you are amazing but we knew that when you were a little girl having a concert at Auntie Terry & Uncle Tom's back deck REMEMBER????? I wish you all the luck in the world and best of luck with your move.
I work with Meghan Sullivan you were in school with her she loved your music too. Nana and your mum were in the store and Meg was there and your mum told her to listen to your music and she did and she loved it. We have a big party for Auntie Terry & Uncle Tom on the 5th. I know you are moving and will be extremely busy but maybe you could email or send a nice memory or a song about them. It can't be that all of this time has gone by you guys were as old as my kids are now 8 & 5. The good thing about being on the younger end of a family you can firmly grasp the things others may have over looked!!!
Much love and happiness!!!
Sorry I have a tendency to blab!!!